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2019 Camping at Green Lane

By: Jason Matlack

The camping trip to Green Lane went very well. Approximately sixteen people attended including four children. We had many new campers trying it out for the first time. There were people there for the second time, returning from last year’s event.

Everyone came together and purchased food to make the cooking easier. Ameika had the idea and did a great job putting that together. Many of us participated in the cooking of meals. We had a couple of chefs among us. As for me, well fake it until you make it! No one got sick from my cooking so it must not have been too bad!

Many people went boating using canoes, kayaks and a rowboat with an electric motor. There was a good breeze on the reservoir that made paddling a challenge. We survived and had a lot of fun. There was a little splashing between boats and of course I started it. Ruthie got even with me at the sight that night by pouring ice cold water down my back. I deserved it of course!

We also had some great conversation around the campfire in the evenings. We only had a little rain in the middle of Saturday night around 3 am. Thankfully it wasn’t hardly even enough to get things wet which was great for clean up in the morning.

All in all, the camping trip was a great success just like last year. I look forward to spending time with everyone and maybe some new ones next year.

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