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Linking Montco voices around the world

The 11th Annual World Hearing Voices Congress was held in Montreal this year in November, and 16 people traveled from Montgomery County to attend, many with the support of scholarships funded by Magellan, the Office of Mental Health, Southeast Regional CSP and the Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network.

The Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network (MCHVN) held an event on Thursday, December 5th which featured a panel of people who talked about what they found inspirational and what they learned at the conference. The people who attended the Congress were able to Link their voices with the people who attended from all over the world (including Iceland and Brazil!), and the goal of this event was to continue the Link to the people here who couldn’t attend the conference. People on the panel spoke about how powerful it was to hear the Hearing Voices Movement described as a fight for Civil Rights. They talked about how inspirational it was talk to the very approachable Marius Romme, who is one of the leaders of the movement.

The panel shared how they learned about what young people are doing in other countries to keep the movement growing and over and over again, how they heard about the importance of human connection, how really listening to each other with an open heart and mind can be healing.

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