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Housing the Unhoused

in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Today, there are hundreds of adults, children and families in Montgomery County who don't have a home. Some live in their cars while others live in tents, camping in the wilderness without electricity or running water. With the cost of housing and rent skyrocketing, there is no affordable housing in Montgomery County.

There's a movement underway to make housing a human right in Montgomery County.  And it will take all of us to do it.

Over $5 million available to support housing in Montco

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VIgil group.jpg

The Movement

Bill England
Director for The Campaign to Protect the Unhoused in Montgomery County

Sign the Petition here.

Mark Boorse
Coordinator for #WEBELONG

Homelessness: A life and death discussion. See video here.

June 29th Rally to Protect the Unhoused

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