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NAMIWalks with heroes

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

You don't need a cape to be a super hero. You don't need a spider-verse, either. All you need is you!

On May 4, 2019, hundreds of families, friends, agencies and officials from the Philadelphia region will once again descend onto the campus of the Montgomery County Community College to show their support for mental health recovery at the Greater Philadelphia NAMIWalks event.

As a former employee of NAMI and a family member, I always marvel at the energy, passion and courage of the NAMI volunteers. The volunteers represent our universe - men, women and children who experience mental health symptoms, agencies who provide resources and treatment for mental health, family members who are experiencing the effects of the illness on a loved one, advocates and friends. A mighty powerful universe that walks the walk every year to show up, speak out and advocate for access to quality mental health treatment and services, and to let the public know that recovery happens.

I encourage you, your families, friends and co-workers to participate in this fundraising event - or support a walker with a donation. NAMI provides many free services to the Montgomery County community that include resources, trainings, advocacy and education on an array of topics and legislative issues affecting mental health.

NAMI Montgomery County works on local community issues as well as state and national. Their Executive Director, Abby Grasso, is a co-chair and member of the Montgomery County CSP Executive Committee. In our universe of stakeholders we see recovery happening every day. One hero after another.

Meet the heroes who don't wear capes but have the power to tear down walls of stigma with their courage. Who's walking next to you?

By: Kathie Mitchell, MH Advocate and Freelance Writer

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